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Commercial painting is typically more complicated than residential painting due to the varying surfaces and environmental factors affecting the paint. We have the expertise, techniques and equipment to ensure we do the job on time, on budget with an outstanding result that will last the test of time.

We work with your team such as project managers, project supervisors, architects, interior designers or other trades to ensure that both new build and current commercial premises have the correct industrial paint or coatings applied.

We know that safety in the workplace is an important issue so we are trained and follow workplace health and safety policies and procedures. We are also fully licensed and insured painters.

We know that the type of tools and finishes required for a professional commercial painting job are typically different to standard residential jobs.

Durability and wear are paramount. Some of the finishes may include:

  1. Low volatile organic compounds paints and finishes (VOC.)
  2. Anti-graffiti and anti-pollutant finishes.
  3. Floor coatings, including epoxies, polyurethane and anti-slip coatings.
  4. Stains, urethane and polyurethane finishes.
  5. Membrane coatings.
  6. Industrial Acrylic and enamel paints.
  7. Tilt panel spray texture coatings.
  8. Respraying colorbond sheeting.
  9. Protective coatings to structural steel.
  10. Modern interior finishes.

Whether the job is for an old existing site or new construction we can work around your team to ensure the job is finished with minimal disruption, maximum safety and a perfect result.

When we provide our fixed priced quote for commercial painting, it will be completely clear and you’ll understand exactly what you’re paying for. There will be no surprises half way through the project. That means you can have peace of mind when you budget.