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We also provide our clients with additional services that include but not restricted to the following:

  1. Colour match consultancy
  2. Design consultations
  3. Timber deck rejuvenation
  4. High pressure water blasting
  5. Concrete sealing services
  6. Structural steel rust repairs
  7. Specified warranty systems
  8. Specialised servicing to the mining industry

Choosing a colour scheme for your home or business is definitely a creative process. There are practically countless options to choose from and it can be a lot of fun to paint your world with those colours that really represent you, your personality, and your tastes.

Selecting just the right colours for your interior or exterior paint should, however, also be done strategically. To name just a few of its powers, your decision can make a space feel larger, smaller, more formal, informal, and either accentuate or minimize an architectural feature of your home or business.

As an additional service, we can help with the colour selection process. We do this by providing guidance when needed, offering a fresh and experienced perspective. Adding simple d├ęcor ideas accompanied with a smart colour choice can ultimately make your house a home.