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The marine industry has specific requirements for protective coatings not only as part of a preventative maintenance program but also to improve efficiencies through anti-fouling. Marine vessels are assets that require protection against the hostile environment they survive in and the specific job that they perform. Working with manufacturers such as PPG and International who specialise in protective marine coatings, Professional Painting & Decorating offer an asset protection service using products that are designed to give long term protection in a marine environment.

We have a passion for marine vessels and their upkeep as we have one of our own and we understand the importance of using quality products and having them applied correctly to last their correct duration time. We have extensive experience in the application of anti-fouling coating systems and maintaining a smooth, clean hull by controlling the growth of organisms and minimising drag is important in sustaining the operational efficiency of a vessel.

New paintwork can give life to a tired looking boat. We can help restore your vessel, greatly increasing the value and performance of your craft. Modern finishes are more than just paint, they are a combination of coatings each applied in the correct order to produce a high quality finish.

We are committed to achieving the best results possible for your vessel. Along with our clients input we consider all options to ensure the colours, tones and finishes are second to none.